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31 October 2019

Choose one of 11 gifts from DAXIOMA


When opening an account 250 euros, you are given one of 11 gifts to choose from which you can obtain:

  1. 100% bonus on your first Deposit

  2. 5000 EUR demo account

  3. Subscription for paid webinars 2 months

  4. 5 daily trading signals from leading analyst until December 31, 2019

  5. An advanced course

  6. Connection trading robot Smartinvest until 31 December 2019

  7. Trained to work with cryptocurrency NEW

  8. Insurance 100%

  9. Connection Prof investor

  10. A chance to win iPhone 11 pro max!!!

  11. The ability to get VIP status from 25,000 Euros

    This is a unique offering from the most reliable broker the last 7 years in the markets of Europe and the CIS. Nowhere will you find such conditions!

With these gifts, the trader will receive many times more than that offered by other brokers.