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Svyatoslav Voloshin is one of the leading traders and analysts over 13 years learning and honing trading strategies in all directions market. He began to exchange activities in 2005, when he was barely 24 years old. This incentive Svyatoslav was the desire to give up ordinary low-paid office work that had sapped all his free time.


Joint work with the global equity space for the first time, bring a small profit, which was hardly more than the wages of lower-level managers, but in 2017, his income amounted to 22 500 $ in a month, and the total state totals more than $ 2.6 million. USA. As your development as a trader Voloshin passed from one big company to another, gaining experience from the best professionals and quickly joining their ranks.


Since the inception of the company DAXIOMA he is a mentor to her, conducting effective webinars and training sessions for beginners. Them in detail and clearly presented all the necessary knowledge about what financial markets are, how to interact with them and work out the most effective trading strategy, and individual techniques which, because of their experience were derived independently.


Sviatoslav two children: a son graduating from school in London, in the suburbs of which the family of the Voloshin family estate, and a daughter, recently moved in 3rd grade. Its purpose is to help people realize their dreams, as he himself no one helped. He believes that everyone has the opportunity to purchase the Maserati Ghibli and to improve their lives.

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Basic course 10 lessons - 2 times a week
Advanced course 10 lessons - 2 times a week
Trading webinars Trade online on the most important events with a senior analyst broker

200 €

Basic course of study:

1. Basic concepts of financial markets. Currency market. Commodity market. Stock market.

2. Trading platform (installation, tools and types of graphs, functionality).

3. Technical analysis. Part 1 (lines and levels of support and resistance, technical analysis figures).

4. Technical analysis. Part 2 (Fibonacci levels and extensions, candlestick analysis).

5. Technical analysis. Part 3 (indicators of technical analysis).

6. Fundamental analysis.

7. Psychology of margarine.

8. Practice.

9. Practice.

10. Practice.

500 €

Advanced course of study:

1. Build your own trading system.

2. Tactics Adventure.

3. Wolfe waves.

4. Elliott Waves.

5. Correlation analysis, pair trading, spread trading.

6. Practice.

7. Practice.

8. Practice.

9. Practice.

10. Practice.

An advanced course is a transition to a qualitatively new level of trading. This is a deep understanding of the structure and internal mechanisms that determine the state of the market and the nature of its movement.

After completing the course, you will master all the necessary spectrum of market analysis tools and will be able to apply them in combination. This will improve the quality of each transaction, stabilize the yield curve and prevent its failure in the future.

All theoretical knowledge is fixed practice - trading on a demo and a real account. Each transaction will be reviewed and analyzed in detail with the teacher.

After completing the course, you will receive support and advice from the teacher.

1000 €

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The advantages of trading webinars:

the ability to make deals online with an experienced trader;

online trading is conducted for both newbies and professional traders who have been working in the markets for a long time;

the opportunity to participate in webinars from a mobile device;

During the lesson, each student can ask questions and get answers to them.

One of the main elements of understanding the movement of tools in the market is to work on news and events on a global scale.

The ability to work on the news is very important both for a novice trader and for an experienced investor who aspires to improve his skills.

Senior broker-analyst Artem Barsky will share with you the trading practice that has been developing for many years.