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As Brexit impact on the pound

21 Oktober 2019

As Brexit impact on the pound

Today in the morning, before bidding the pound fell is connected with the exit of Britain from the European Union. The Parliament believes that the outcome of the Brexit does not have the advantages mentioned earlier, however, Boris Johnson continued to stand his ground and tries to convince the Parliament to approve this agreement.


This Monday during the European start of the trading session, the greenback traded in a narrow range. By 11:00 MSK dominant growth leader was the Turkish Lira, which rose 1% against the greenback to 5,78126.


Ten days later, after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vice President of the United States Mike Pence signed an agreement on cease-fire by 5 days, the price of the Lira reached its ten-day maximum.


Despite the fact that the growth of China's economy has slowed to a minimum (if you take the last thirty years), the growth of China's GDP grew by 6.0%, while analysts had expected the figure at 6.1%. The Chinese Renminbi fell, however, to moderate positions.


Trinh Nguyen, who is the senior economist for emerging markets Asia at Natixis expressed the position thus - “in the report on economic growth, China's GDP was not anything we didn't know in many previous reports. The volume of investments decreases. Uncertainty leads to slowdown in number”.


By 11:00 hours GMT the US dollar index stabilized at the position 97,333, while remaining just 0.1% above the minimum for the last two weeks. If you take a trade-weighted basket, the US dollar index, combined with a decline against the Euro and the pound, shows purchasing power.


After Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost the support of the Democratic unionist party of Northern Ireland, the situation prior to Parliament's vote on the agreement for Brexit was intense, as it led to a decrease in the price of the British pound. On Saturday will be voting extraordinary session of Parliament (recall that against the agreement made by the 21 MP of the Conservative party, which is led by Johnson himself), but experts believe that the conflict over Brexit will not be solved, because the opposition will be the last chance for re-election for the country's exit from the European Union.

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