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Service prof investor

Specialized suggestion from the broker, designed to facilitate the cooperation of investors and traders worldwide. Accordingly, in order to take advantage of this opportunity, you can choose one of two possible ways to implement it

Master account

The original service intended for the realization and increase of investments of investors who do not directly participate in the process of making deals, which traders themselves are directly involved in, paying a percentage of the profits.

Master portfolio

This is a combination of master accounts in an optimal ratio to each other to minimize risks, the likelihood of which always exists with any investment.

To investor

  • Daxioma incomes


    High yield, the value of which depends mainly on the amount of money invested, as well as strategically matched accounts for promotion.

  • Daxioma research


    Security and transparency achieved by an international audit organization that conducted thorough tests of the service before launching it.

  • Daxioma vision


    Personal control, which allows not only to monitor the state of their investments through the Personal Account, but also to fully manage them, withdrawing funds at any time.

How to invest

  • 1

    Choose a master account that suits you.

  • Create an account in the platform (if it does not already exist) and make the first deposit

  • 3

    Continue to carry out the implementation of savings, as well as monitor their movements.

The manager

  • Daxioma growth


    Additional, stable and high income due to investments of investors.

  • Daxioma objectives


    Objective motivation to promote their accounts by rating upwards in order to interest even more investors.

  • Daxioma security payments


    Security due to automatic settlements in the system itself, according to the terms of the offer established between the partners.

How to manage

  • 1

    Register your Personal Account if you do not have one yet

  • Open a master account, specify the manager’s capital and transfer the corresponding amount from the personal account

  • 3

    Set the conditions of the offer, according to which all further trading will be conducted.

Attract partners

In order for efficiency to increase even more, you can attract to your project marketers, analysts or managers who will promote and improve the functionality of master accounts. At the same time, they will similarly receive interest deductions from profits, in accordance with individually negotiated conditions..

  • Attraction

    The borrowing partner receives a percentage of the profits earned by the manager from each client he attracts.

  • Share

    The equity partner receives a fixed percentage of the profits of the manager, the terms of cooperation are negotiated individually