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The UK construction sector has reduced its activity

07 March 2019

The UK construction sector has reduced its activity

Construction Corporation of Britain noted a decline in the activity of the private productive sectors during February. Analysts had predicted a less severe jump down, not less than the value of 50. However, the business activity index declined by almost one and crossed this threshold, according to the statistical report of HIS Markit. Such significant difference was recorded only once, in September 2017, however for the last month based on past movements in January a two-year record for layoffs in this economic region was beaten.


More than a year the construction of residential buildings has been the most successful in the industrial sector of the Kingdom and fully justify the financial investment in its development. It continued even despite the fact that the expansion proceeded at a negligible rate and are not offset periodic downturns, which also differed its own records.


Yet similarly, there is only a small and General growth, which can boast the largest companies, which in turn indicates a slight increase in jobs. Now, due to the current situation of falling of indexes of business expectations and confidence have also suffered and fell behind the level predicted long-term average.

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