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The results of the stock markets in the Asia Pacific region

14 March 2019

The results of the stock markets in the Asia Pacific region

Mixed dynamics of indices of trade due to concerns of large-scale promotion, which is also offset by the likelihood of support from China. Jobs in the United States of America had ceased to grow, and fresh Bank financing from China has declined, which only fueled the negative suspicions about the situation. Yet investors focused on the results of a Brexit, which will be announced after the second and final vote.

Meanwhile, Chinese stocks leveled off after the large fluctuations and recovered, compared to previous sessions. Beijing plans to use the yuan to gain export opportunities, and that was the impetus for the weakening of trade disputes. Similarly behaved Japanese stocks returned to their previous high position in the financial market, while investors awaited the outcome of the meeting Central Bank of Japan.

The Australian market has reduced its activity up to the closing due to the effect of energy assets, helped by a decline in the price of raw petroleum after the weakening of the US data of 1 %. And reduced the copper price weighed on the iron ore mining.

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