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Core European assets are sold in a green area

03 April 2019

Core European assets are sold in a green area

European stocks showed a net profit, being in the green zone, due to the support of investors of the prospects of the negotiations of China with the United States of America. Thus, in China activity progress peaked 14 months and yet continues to rise, whereby the activity index of the service sector jumped to 53.3 last month, along with the increase in retail sales.

Meanwhile, studies show that in the UK the situation is strictly opposite, as similar units continue to decline on the background of a Brexit, which is expected Theresa may to extend. For this reason it has been drafted a petition to the EU in order to interest and attract on their side the English Parliament, which had hitherto been in the side.

In addition, European companies and banks increase their capitalization, selling part of their shares after their price increase, as it happens, for example, with Banco de Sabadell. This is advantageous in terms of cost, as the Corporation was able to significantly reduce their own costs. Foreign auto industry amid easing concerns about international export taxes have been able to win 2% of the total value of the bonds.