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The cost of housing in the UK has increased for the last month

10 May 2019

The cost of housing in the UK has increased for the last month

1.1 % jumped period the price of British housing, according to the latest reports of the analytical groups. Also they note that the previous change was positive, when it dropped 1.6% in March. Economists expected a drop yet is only 0.1 %, which is not a significant change, especially in the background of all the previous events.

Until April, the cost of housing was 5% higher than in the same period of time in 2018. Now the average price of a house or apartment is around £ 236,619. The lowest rate was exactly 10 years ago, when it amounted to £154,663 after the global financial crisis. Through simple calculations we can see that since then, every year prices rise by 4.3% over the entire period of elapsed time it is £81,956.

The current situation is due to low demand for the purchase of real estate, which is still not resolved. In addition, it has influenced the General weakening of the volume of transactions in the market, which is reflected in the official figures for the worse. Thus it is believed that in the near future, what is happening is unlikely to change in a positive direction.

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