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Trade with a decline of European financial markets

21 May 2019

Trade with a decline of European financial markets

The main assets of Europe are traded to date, with the decrease due to the extension of sanctions by the United States against the Chinese Corporation Huawei. The government added it to blacklist and brought a number of limitations that prevent full partnership with foreign partners. Therefore, the STOXX 600 dropped in price by 0.1% since the launch of trade.

Moreover, there was reduced capitalization of several European organizations that produce chips. In particular, we are talking about Infeon Tehnologies, AMS and STMicroelectronics, which have restricted the availability of its product in Huawei. So far, the review of the situation from representatives of the enterprises was not provided. In addition, the economic background affected the elimination of tariffs on canadian steel USA, which forced the foreign Minister to start implementing the new North American agreement.

Shares of Lufthansa AG have fallen in price on 1 %, and Commerzbank has lowered the capitalization of 2.7 %. Securities Deutsche Bank now stand less than 2.1% as the Bank has ignored the requirement of employees to notify Federal agencies about transactions, which were controlled by Donald trump.

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