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Brexit has become a priority for the Minister of internal Affairs

14 June 2019

Brexit has become a priority for the Minister of internal Affairs

Sajid Javid, who served as Minister of internal Affairs of great Britain and a potential successor to the retired Theresa may, made a statement. In it, he stressed that after the transition to the post of Prime Minister of the Kingdom, he is going to put its exit from the European Union in the first place. He is ready to cover any potential costs that arise due to the adoption of such a policy. According to the propaganda, the priority is to the border with Ireland in the future was not closed.

Also clarifies that the government is also of paramount importance, because the new economic structure can significantly improve the background of the international economy. This is due to the more advanced functionality that offers a new edge system. While operating costs are offered to pay not only for Britain but also for its neighbors. About the current state of Affairs have the opportunity to learn at the radio station LBC, which was granted an exclusive interview directly from the candidate himself. So far, the reaction of the public and analysts remains unknown, however, in the near future, experts will give their assessment of what is happening.

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