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Oil continues to increase in price

14 June 2019

Oil continues to increase in price

As of today the cost of oil continues to increase, due to the statement of Saudi Arabia that the Organization of countries-exporters together with the Russian Federation will continue to sabotage deliveries, keeping them as possible. This decision was made long ago and in the long term to maintain the prices and slow down their rapid growth.

In addition, this policy became popular after combating illegal migration between the United States of America and Mexico. In turn, this has had a positive impact on the economic situation and helped to prevent a tariff war between the two States. Thus was achieved a delicate balance that in spite of all the constraints subjected to undesirable changes.

At this point, simultaneously with the beginning of the European session, oil is sold with the allowance of 0,19 % and reached 54,09 U.S. dollars per barrel, with the time, as Brent is little changed in cost: $of 63.30 per barrel after rising by 0.02 %. In the near future the likelihood of repetition of already established patterns remains the same, what makes the representatives of all leading countries to approach this issue in a more radically.

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