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Roman Trotsenko: in buying a significant shareholding from Kenges Rakishev

24 July 2019

Roman Trotsenko: in buying a significant shareholding from Kenges Rakishev

Kenes Rakishev is the owner of 22.5% of the shares of Gold mining Alliance Petropavlovsk. The incident of a major corporate conflict, Rakishev has decided to sell its stake to Russian billionaire Roman Trotsenko. The Treaty of sale was signed by the holding Fincraft with NPO Altair.


In 2017 Rakishev acquired a 6% stake in the production of gold throughout Russia. In addition to the capital stock of a Gold mining Alliance Petropavlovsk, Rakishev has a 17.3% stake in VTB for the REPO and convertible bonds with shares, assuming the share of 5.97% in the capital.


Despite the percentage of shares, the transaction size was not announced to the public. It is known that Roman Trotsenko acquire 28.3% of the shares, as indicated by the close sources of the buyer.


Based on the latest news, buying shares of Gold mining Alliance is a profitable investment, as the indicators on the London stock exchange rise by 1.55% to 16.14 MSK 9.76 pence each. If calculated in terms of the closing price on Monday, the price of a package of 90 million pounds.


Kenes Rakishev is not going to completely abandon investment in gold until he decided to focus on investments in the cobalt-Nickel deposits in Kazakhstan. Studying the listing in Hong Kong, he plans to make a profit of $ 260 million to Finance the project.


Trotsenko assets managed by the company AEON, he owns a nitrogen fertilizer production, assets in river transportation, real estate development business, as well as a regional network of airports. Capital Trotsenko has more than $ 1.6 billion.


2018 Roman Trotsenko acquired 48,2% of shares of mining companies Geopromining, which is under the control of the seaman Scullion. The company is engaged in processing and mining of gold, silver, copper and antimony in Armenia and Russia.

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