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North Korea: on the creation of weapons of mass destruction

12 August 2019

North Korea: on the creation of weapons of mass destruction

The UN security Council introduced the report, which published information about the abduction of Korea 2 billion USD. To achieve such “success” succeeded with the help of cyber attacks on banks and exchanges of the cryptocurrency.


What information do we have:


  • 18 countries;
  • more than 36 cyber attacks.


The DPRK decided to go against the system, the proceeds were invested in the development of weapons of mass destruction. The DPRK government decided in no way to respond to questions from the public. UN sanctions are ignored, the DPRK government continues to transport goods to purchase nuclear and chemical weapons and to speculate luxuries.


Despite the fact that the U.S. government calls the world (in particular Russia) to take any regulatory action against the DPRK, they continue malicious activity in the network space.


The DPRK continues to storm the sky. A couple of days ago was recorded the production of two unidentified missiles, the launch was presumably from hamkyung province. The government reported that Pyongyang is testing ballistic missiles short range. The chiefs of staff of the Republic of Korea declined to comment, providing the same information.


In the United States is concerned about the policy of the party, the U.S. intelligence each month, commits illegal actions by the DPRK. The DPRK military say that the tests do not carry any danger to North America.


The US government was seen a tendency that ballistic missile tests are conducted at a time when Washington plans to set a date for negotiations with Pyongyang on denuclearization.



We also wrote: Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN was found, as expected, on the border between the two Koreas, where the President arrived in advance to explore the position. After the arrival of the leader of the DPRK held a short meeting, which was attended by the President of South Korea, moon Jae In, and then negotiations began.


After negotiations, trump said that the US and DPRK will resume talks at the working level on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula within 2-3 weeks. Trump also suggested Kim Jong Ynu to visit the United States, and the North Korean leader has invited the American President to the DPRK.
Trump in the course of conversation with him, stepped over the demarcation line between the two Koreas and took a few steps, becoming the first serving U.S. President, who visited the territory of the DPRK.

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