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Igor Sechin: about the production of liquefied natural gas

06 September 2019

Igor Sechin: about the production of liquefied natural gas

The project "Sakhalin-1" continues to evolve, the shareholders of Exxon and "Rosneft" decided to invest good amount of money in the construction of a plant for production of liquefied natural gas. Location - De-Kastri, Khabarovsk Krai. We remind you that in addition to Rosneft, the production of LNG are engaged in NOVATEK and “Gazprom”.


About investing in a new plant became known on 5 September, 2019, during the Eastern economic forum, which was attended by representatives of the Japanese gas industrial industry. Igor Sechin, who is the CEO of Rosneft said that “this year the shareholders decided to build their own LNG plant with a capacity of 6.2 million t in De-Kastri. Due to the geographical proximity of the two countries, its products will be in demand in Japan.”


Shareholders “Sakhalin-1” have implemented the agreement and received their share, thus, each investor received:
Exxon (USA) - 30%;
Sodeco (Japan) - 30%;
ONGC (India) - 20%;
Rosneft (Russia) Is 20%.


Also, the fifth of September was signed the Memorandum “About creation of the joint coordinating Committee Agency for natural resources and energy of Japan”. The main purpose of the Committee is to study the development prospects and further cooperation that will be associated with oil supplies, and implementation of promising projects in the CIS. This project has long been pending, however, in the framework of the project “Sakhalin-1”. Investors ' shares were distributed earlier, it is believed that they will remain the same.


A couple of days ago (September 4) Vladimir Putin held talks with Prime Minister Narendra modi, he invited India to invest in the construction of a new LNG plant “Rosneft”. Putin said: ”energy companies of India are invited to participate in other future projects, such as “far East LNG” and “Arctic LNG 2”.

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