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Volkswagen: the company manipulated the economic market

25 September 2019

Volkswagen: the company manipulated the economic market

Yesterday morning, September 24 Volkswagen accused, due to the fact that regulators have not warned investors of the risks that have been pre-calculated during diesel scandals of the past in 2015. The criminalization occurred in the city of Braunschweig, is where the Prosecutor sued the leaders of the world-famous automobile concern Volkswagen. In the list of the accused were managing the company Volkswagen: Herbert Dis - Chairman of the Board, Hans Dieter oven - Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Martin Winterkorn - Chairman of the Board.


Germany is a fair country. For investors, it was striking that in one of the largest automotive companies in the country is accused of deliberate manipulation in the financial sector. Of course, Volkswagen managers were aware of the fact that diesel cars pollute the environment with exhaust gases. The problem is that top managers wanted to protect the assets of the company, that's why it was decided not to inform investors. Thus, investors did not know until recently about the likelihood of multibillion-dollar payments, which uveliciti because Nagacevschi diesel scandal.


The prosecutors believe that the heads Winterkorn , PECs and Dis directing course in the group, making imaginary projections. Investors Volkswagen remember in 2015 on the stock exchange there was a collapse of the stock in which many lost significant capital. Now, the company is obligated to pay investors for what they lost their finances.


The lawsuit was prepared for the storm, which is why lawyers Herbert disa challenged the claim, pointing out that the company did not make any illegal actions on the market. The offense is not proven, and therefore the claim does not make sense to be.

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