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Leakage data of clients of Sberbank. Russia's refusal of the dollar.

03 October 2019

Leakage data of clients of Sberbank. Russia's refusal of the dollar.

About the data breach of customers of Sberbank


In August 2019, has leaked personal data of clients of Sberbank. The leak occurred on the black market. As a reminder, Sberbank has about 18 million active cards. Offenders have access to 60 million credit cards, which are both operating, and closed.


Despite the fact that Sberbank specialists argue that the threat of loss of client funds, the authenticity of the database decided to check. Data loss the largest in the entire banking sector of the Russian Federation. The data is authentic. To law enforcement agencies information received spontaneously, the client data was discovered spontaneously into the latent form, which couple of years was blocked by Roskomnadzor.


Date of data leakage is considered to be 24 August 2019, experts suggest that the data breach occurred through the Way4 platform, which the savings Bank uses for 10 years. The table recorded detailed information about each client: from financial information, to the detail of personal data.


Comments by Vladimir Putin's rejection of the US dollar


Recently, Vladimir Putin is critical of the use of the Dollar in Russia, arguing that the prevailing view thus: “we see attempts to use the dollar as a political weapon. Think this is another big mistake, because the dollar is used very much trust all over the world. It is almost the only was the universal currency of the world. Reason the United States has begun to use dollar settlements as a tool of political struggle, to impose restrictions on the use of the dollar, with his own hands to cut the branch on which they sit, but soon they will crash.”


Putin emphasizes that the dollar will remain in the role of a payment instrument, however, should protect yourself, so you need to diversify the calculations. The rejection of the dollar is the new trend, most countries are interested in switching to its own currency. Also, Vladimir Putin has indicated that 72% of payments between countries of the Eurasian economic Union are made in rubles.


“The declining dollar as a reserve currency in many countries around the world, including in countries allied the USA. And payments in dollars in world trade are falling. It was 50% plus, was 45%. Iran limit in dollar calculation for Russia impose some restrictions on other countries. This undermines confidence in the dollar, is it not clear that his own hands are destroying the dollar?” - thus, the President explained his point of view in relation to U.S. policy.

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