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Silk is a conflict between the US and China

06 November 2019

Silk is a conflict between the US and China

US policy is again radically opposed to the development of Chinese infrastructure in other countries. Over the past two years, the China One Belt - One Road Initiative has been crushed. America urged all countries in the world to give up cooperation, emphasizing that BRI is a debt trap. But recently it became known that Washington plans to launch a similar infrastructure scheme as opposed to Beijing.


Already this Monday, October 4, 2019, a new network was introduced called Blue Dot, which was aimed at the sustainable development of infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific region and around the world. This project was presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia, the American Corporation for Foreign Private Investments and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.


David Boghigyan, who was a representative from OPIC, said - “the development of critical infrastructure — when it is led by the private sector and supported on terms that are transparent, sustainable, and socially and environmentally responsible — is the basis for widening economic empowerment. Through the Blue Dot Network, the United States is proud to have joined key partners to unlock the full potential of quality infrastructure to deliver unprecedented opportunities, progress and stability. ”


Afterwards, the US Department said, “This endorsement by the Blue Dot Network not only creates a solid foundation for global standards of trust in infrastructure, but also strengthens the need to establish umbrella global trust standards in other sectors, including digital, mining, financial services and research.”


Keith Krach, who is under secretary of state for economic growth, energy and the environment, also expressed his point of view - “such global standards of trust based on respect for transparency and accountability, sovereignty of property and resources, local labor and human rights, the rule of law, environment and sound procurement and financing management practices were driven not only by private sector companies and civil society, but also governments around the world. ”


DFAT Deputy Secretary Richard Maud continued, “Australia is committed to promoting high-quality infrastructure, inclusive approaches and promoting private sector investment in the Indo-Pacific. I am glad that the leaders of the East Asian summits share this commitment, and we look forward to working closely with our regional partners to develop the Blue Dot Network to take steps to fulfill this commitment. ”


More recently, the Lowry Institute conducted a study that showed that the United States is the head of the economic sector in Asia, however, China is already beginning to rise to Olympus and will soon throw America off the throne. After all, it was after the launch of the Chinese BRI (in 152 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and America) that Washington significantly decreased.

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