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About the future position of the rouble

11 November 2019

About the future position of the rouble

Many experts say that the ruble will collapse, however, in recent weeks, the situation is much stabilized and the price of the ruble goes up. The price of the ruble is largely dependent on the price of Russian oil, price per barrel Brent crude is trading in the range 60,50-62,50 USD, which is a good indicator of the currency of the Russian Federation.


Rumor has it that in the new year the Finance Ministry will reduce the purchase of dollars go for the purchase of oil and gas revenues - this indicates that the remaining RUB will go directly into the economy of the Russian Federation.


If you look at the indices of the Moscow exchange, the price indicator of the ruble rises, however, such movements are in contrast to the development of the state economy. Further proof that things are not going very well, is that the stock market has no direct relationship to the price for the ruble. It is expected that the previously inflated bladder, which formed in the Russian stock market is about to burst.


If Washington decides trade disputes with Beijing, and the Russian economy will return a good share of rubles from the Ministry of Finance is updating the historical highs on the Moscow stock exchange. This statement is only an assumption, however, the financiers do not lose hope.


New strains in relations between China and the United States will cause a new damage to all world stock markets and currencies of developing countries. If you look at the truth, not the fact that in 2020 Russia will be able to completely abandon the U.S. dollar.


At the moment, we want to draw your attention to the speech of the head of the fed Jerome Powell, who said that interest rate reduction is not the end, it is unclear whether America will ease monetary policy.


Today, 11.11.2019 in the United States celebrated Veterans Day - this suggests that markets are closed. On the ruble is not affected, most investors start buying stocks and indices, however, the positive results will directly affect the position of the market. At the moment the US dollar is trading in the range of 63.30-of 64.35 RUB, the Euro is trading at 70,15-70,85 RUB.


If in the near future there will be no negative developments, the ruble will continue to stabilize and grow up.

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