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Washington cannot regulate the activities of Beijing due to financial fraud

19 November 2019

Washington cannot regulate the activities of Beijing due to financial fraud

A new financial strategy Donald trump is doomed to failure. Yesterday, Tuesday 19 October, between the United States and South Korea have started negotiations, in which he discussed the agreement on the presence of American soldiers on the Korean Peninsula, however, come to a common consensus failed. During the negotiations, Washington has put new demands Tokyo and Seoul, which mentioned the increase in payments for the maintenance of us troops on their territory.


The issue was squarely back in July 2019, when the adviser to trump John Bolton said the Japanese government to increase the fee for the presence of 50,000 American soldiers in their country, at that time the price has reached 8 billion USD. The same requirements were exhibited Seoul, Washington wanted to get 5 billion USD per year for the maintenance of 28 500 soldiers. The essence of the negotiations was the extension of the agreement between the United States and South Korea, however, the talks stalled because of allegations of Korean extortion.


The head of the American delegation James DeHart said - “unfortunately, the proposals put forward by the Korean team of negotiators did not consider our request on fair and equivalent cost-sharing. As a result, we discontinued our participation in the negotiations to give the Korean side time to change your mind”. The U.S. government is increasingly talking about the fact that the content of American troops in Asia is the extra costs, so in demands for higher prices is not surprising.


Cooperation with Japan will be over in 2021, so Washington still have time to think about the rationality of this type of cooperation. The Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Acehide Suga expressed on this issue is quite simple - “the cost of maintaining the us military is currently distributed appropriately in accordance with this intergovernmental agreement.”


To keep their troops in Japan and South Korea is beneficial for US, as it is the only possibility to regulate the nuclear program of the DPRK. In turn, Pyongyang openly declares that the main enemy is overseas.


Senior researcher, Center for comprehensive European and international studies, HSE Vasily Kashin explained the situation as follows - “the United States planned to increase its presence in the Asia Pacific region aimed at containing China. It was about the fact that there needs to be more American forces, and that American allies should make a greater contribution. In the end, I think they will agree that Japan will increase their payments, but not four times. Such differences between the United States and allies in the Asia Pacific region began to occur with the trump. The issue before in such sharp, rude manner is not compromised, although the US was likely to encourage allies to spend more on their defense.”

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