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The economic situation in the US is heating up: the latest news of the week

25 November 2019

The economic situation in the US is heating up: the latest news of the week

Will there be a signed trade agreement between the US and China?


Washington and Beijing have found a compromise in the solution of a latent economic and trade war. In last Friday's leaders insisted on the exhaustion of the 16-month conflict, through the signing of the initial sales transaction. Both States know that the opposition has caused damage to financial markets and global economic growth around the world.


The head of China XI Jinping explained that Beijing's configured on the interim trade agreement, however, in the case of infringement will be accepted regulatory measures. In turn, Donald trump said that - “a trade agreement with China, I is potentially very close, however, the question is, do I want him to make”.


Politics Donald trump's pretentious and provocative, so the negotiations may be frozen due to violations by the United States. One of the reasons for the freezing of negotiations could be supporting US in the creation of a special law to protect protesters in Hong Kong, or military trials of American ships near Islands claimed by China in the South China sea.


What are business activity and “black Friday”


To stabilize the economic situation in the US, investors will track regional indexes of business activity in the manufacturing sector. In case of detection of slower growth, the country will have taken regulatory action.


Thanks to “Black Friday”, American sociologists will be able to provide data on the sustainability of the consumer spending of American citizens. The fed Chairman Jerome Powell will present data on orders for durable goods for October, which will be published on Wednesday. In the second reading on GDP for the third quarter no significant changes expected.


Implications Of Thanksgiving


Before celebrating Thanksgiving, companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein will share their earnings reports this Tuesday, the data will be published before the auction. A cyber security company Palo Alto Networks, which deals with cybersecurity, will also provide first income for the 2020 fiscal year. Companies such as Burlington Stores, Dollar Tree, Best Buy and Dick's Sporting Goods, Dell, HP, Deere also will provide data about their income.

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