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Trading robot smartinvest

Forex trading robot "Smartinvest", developed by the team Daxioma, together with leading analysts of the company, on the basis of successful transactions and analyze them for more than 5 years of experience in global markets.


The main objective of "Smartinvest" is to implement the same type of routine, repeatable transactions at the fastest possible speed of response with the utmost precision of their execution. This relieves the trader from the tedious adoption of uniform solutions, while saving him the time to develop new, more effective strategies.




Trading robot should be incorporated to the algorithm during the entire time it was running. And this, in turn, allows to decrease the load on the trader and to save time.

Ability to work on several instruments, but without losing its efficiency, which is also very beneficial for the traders.

The speed of processing large amounts of information.

How to connect?

For new customers:

1. create an account,

2. go to my account

3. open an account together with the specialists of the company

4. go to the "Investor" and press connect "Smartinvest"

5. after this procedure, your account will automatically be connected to the "Smartinvest"


For active traders:

1. go to my account

2. go to the "Investor" and press connect "Smartinvest"